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Wedding Photo Sessions

Polynesian Ceremonies are simply gorgeous, colorful, full of emotions. I don’t approach weddings with a formula in mind because I think that true moments are more powerful than forced sentimentality.

That's the reasons why when shooting during such a lovely moment I always fell like a narrator. I love to change my style to reportage, to immerse myself fully to create the right images.

“Don't care about me, I don't exist” that's what I always tell to my guests before the ceremony to be sure that they will focused on their moment and not on the camera.

Telling your story through my eyes and my camera, capturing moments and creating memories is what I do.

Pictures and Tours

Duration of the tour:

2 hours.
Meeting in your overwater villa.

Number of pictures

100 High resolution edited pictures.

Included on board

Towels, snorkeling sets, anti fog, fresh water.
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