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  • How long in advance should I book?

    I will simply answer: "when you are ready". You will be just couple days in Bora Bora so it's always better to book early to be sure that I will be avalaible on the date you are looking.

  • What is the best time of a day for a photoshoot?

    As a photographer, I'm always looking for the best light, and the light changes a lot throughout the day. So, what actually is the best time of day for a shoot?

    There's quite a simple answer to this question: whenever the sun is lower in the sky.

    Midday between 12 am and 1.30 pm is the worst time of day to shoot. The middle of the day gives off one of the least flattering effect of light there is. A sun high in the sky will create high contrast on people’s face with harsh shadows and highlights.

    Morning time is my favorite moment to shoot in Bora Bora. The sun is then lower in the sky, the light is softer. It gives a fantastic mood to any photo with stunning lagoon colors and offers plenty of options to play around for more creative shoots.

    Sunset time is a very particular time of a day to shoot. It's also called the golden hours, normally two hours before the sun goes down, when it's lower in the sky, and creates a really beautiful, orange, golden light! Of course it is completely weather dependant.

  • Is it only for honeymooners?

    No, for sure No! It is true that most of the tours in Bora Bora are prepared to answered honeymooners expectations. I'm offering an all range of High Class photography & discovery services that everybody will enjoy. Doesn't matter you are on your honeymoon or just in Bora Bora to enjoy a gorgeous and unique island you will enjoy an amazing experience!

  • We are coming to Bora bora on a Cruise ship, can we book a photo session?

    Yes of course but you can book a photo session by boat only. Resorts in Bora Bora are offering high quality services which also means that they don't allowed visitors to access their property. Pick up and drop will be at the cruise ship dock in Vaitape.

  • What if it’s a rainy or stormy day?

    But it can happen that you are unfortunately booked on a rainy day. I try to be pretty flexible so if needed we will try to postpone your photoshoot to another time or another day. Doing our best to give you the chance to go back home with your lovely pictures.

  • What if it’s an overcast day?

    Well, in some ways, that's a bit of a blessing! Clouds act as what photographers like to call "natures softbox" and it acts as a diffuser to disperse and therefore soften the light on our subjects. So if we plan a photoshoot, and we're given clouds, it's not a big deal because the clouds help to soften the light and diffuse it, making is flattering and lovely on everyone's skin!

    That means that on a cloudy day, you can do a photoshoot at pretty much any time of day.

  • We are travelling with a baby is it possible to do your tour?

    Of course Families are welcomed! I love shooting families and use to it ( I do have a baby girl at home). My boat is really spacious, comfortable and safe so don't worry. It was especially designed for a family use. but i recommend to book a morning session.

  • We are not so comfortable in the water but love to get underwater pictures…

    Bora Bora is offering calm and shallow coral gardens. I'm a certified snorkeling guide and provide snorkeling vest if needed. So for sure we will try to go in the water to give you a chance to get the beautiful pictures surrounded by hundreds tropical fish. it happens that I bring non swimmers people to the coral gardens and it always works well...


  • What is the maximum time of cancellation?

    The maximum time of cancellation is 24 hours before the day of the tour.

  • Is my reservation deposit refundable?

    The reservation deposit is refundable only in the following cases :

    • Bad weather
    • Medical reasons
    • All problems related to the activity itself

Looking forward to read you soon, please don't hesitate if you have any questions or remarks. If you are looking for another kind of tour ask me and I will see what I can do for you. Tropical regards. See you in Bora Bora !

Vincent Brossault, Bora Dream Pictures

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